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Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town – day zero looms

Date posted: 23.01.2018 | Author: Denis Stupan

Cape Town residents will from February be limited to using 50 litres of water per person per day for the next 150 days, as “Day Zero” draws closer. “We have reached a point of no return. Despite our urging for months, 60% of Capetonians are callously using more than 87 litres per day. It is quite unbelievable that a majority of people do not seem to care and are sending all of us headlong towards Day Zero,” says City of Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille.

 Day Zero is the day when taps will be closed and Cape Town residents will be required to get water from various designated water collection points. Due to the lack of cooperation by residents, the city had to implement level 6B restrictions that cuts the water usage of residents to 50 litres. The new restrictions will come into effect on 1 February 2018.

A punitive tariff

The Mayor says “ Council of Cape Town will on Friday be voting on implementing a punitive tariff that will charge residents exponentially higher rates for water usage above 6 000 litres per month.” The table below outlines the difference between the current and the proposed punitive tariffs:

Consumption per month Current Tariffs – total household water bill New Tariff – total   

household water bill

6 000 litres R28.44 R145.98
10 500 litre R109.50 R390.82
20 000 litres R361.06 R1 536.28
35 000 litres R1 050.04 R6 939.57
50 000 litres R2 888.81 R20 619.57

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