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How your client loves you

Date posted: 16.02.2016 | Author: Harry Bovensmann

Public Relations or how your client loves you is all about communication and at the heart of communication is people. The values that underpin our relations with friends and colleagues should be the very same foundations that communication professionals base their client relationships on.

A positive relationship with a client is beneficial for many reasons. From an agency perspective, if a client is happy they are more likely to retain your services. In the event of budget restraints, the client may be more likely to look at readjusting the contract rather than simply cutting the budget entirely.  In addition, making your clients happy opens up new business opportunities for the company as the client is more likely to recommend the agency to other businesses.

Build trust

Show your client that you are invested in their success. Trust is the foundation for any prosperous relationship. By showing clients that you want the best for both them and their brand, they will learn to trust you to grow their brand. Trust is about forming a partnership with your client and showing your client you’re 100% committed to their brand and its success.

Communication: Keep clients updated

By having constant and open dialogue, communication professionals can better understand the client’s expectations. Giving the client regular feedback on any developments and campaign results also assists in building trust. Take the time to clarify any questions with the client immediately rather than going ahead without clear guidance to avoid misunderstandings and multiple reverts. Effective communication creates the opportunity to openly discuss successes and failures, as well as to learn from them. By showing  your client that you are delivering will make him or her aware of the important role you play in the company’s brand building efforts.

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