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Lifelong learning is essential. Our services for education, training and coaching are specially made for entrepreneurs, founders of start-ups and settled professionals looking for an update of their knowledge after a promotion.

We provide one-on-one and group training for an efficient use of the most common MS-Office products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook). The training is specifically made for an start-up environment.

Even with a basic IT equipment and standard software package of MS, you will still be able to set up your own management reporting system, and various other reports and templates indispensable to comply with legal requirements in South Africa.

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This is a specific form of consulting focusing on human relations and management skills. The coaching can be applied to either situational, on intercultural matters or to crisis.

Coaching provides assistance for your inner career, release potential, adjustment of undesirable development, loose fixations in development and uncovers personal strengths, weaknesses and uncertainties.

The coach is an expert in communication and leadership and offers constructive feedback and support, thus, functioning as your “Personal Mirror”.

This allows a reflection on your “blind spots” and the discovering of new possibilities. The main aim is to find the ideal solutions for your challenges by an interactive approach.


Mentoring is centered about knowledge transfer and a long-term relationship on business-level. The mentor’s goal is to encourage high-potentials in planning their business life and guiding young professionals through their first levels of career.

Also, entrepreneurs might need guidance by an expert in order to overcome the blind spots of daily business practices. By experiencing a mentorship, entrepreneurs get a clear view of what needs to be done to reach the next level of growth.

In today’s (international) business environment it is essential to generate someone’s own business network which in return will enable the entrepreneur to succeed in business life.

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