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Enabling and serving your business!

Management Support

Support & advisory services for entrepreneurs and start-ups:

  • General business planning and development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Foundation and registration of a company
  • Processing of B-BBEE certification and verification
  • Human Resources (HR) planning and -risks
  • Set-up of administration  and backoffice structures
  • Corporate governance and reporting tools
Consider the following:

  • You have an excellent business idea but you do not know how to get it valuated and protected (Intellectual Property)?
  • You have a business idea but you are not sure, if you have considered all aspects to make it a success story (Business Planning)?
  • Your enterprise is at a stage where it needs to be restructured and reorganized to grow but you are not sure how the approach could look like (Human Resources)?
  • You need to put tools in place in order to become recognized by your target group but do not know how to get this process started (Corporate Identity)?
  • You need to put mechanisms in place in order to comply to all in-country requirements related to reporting and filing, but do not know how and where to start (Corporate Governance)?

If you came up with more or less similar questions, get in touch with us!

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