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Small agencies targeted as “weak-link”

Date posted: 21.11.2013 | Author: Harry Bovensmann

Small agencies must understand that when they gain access to the intellectual property (IP) of a large company, they can be targeted by cyber-criminals as a perceived “weak-link” in the security. Clearly, cyber-criminals see the value in targeting external agencies that have access to valuable client data.

Large companies are more likely to go to great lengths to secure the data within the confines of their organisation, but the same stringent standards are not often held by the third-party vendors they hire. By winning the bid, small agencies are given virtual “keys” to some of their new client’s most important business information – product road-maps, competitive positioning, sales strategies, and in-depth plans for their client’s forthcoming big product.

What to do?

  • Ensure that all mobile devices, including any employee-owned devices that could be used to access company data, are equipped with security software that not only protects from malware, but helps find missing devices and erases data from stolen devices.
  • To help employees avoid malicious websites or content that appears to be legitimate, use security software that monitors the reputation of hyperlinks and websites, and will alert users to any potential scams. Find a security solution that provides protection without complex installation and maintenance.
  • A good protection against the theft of sensitive information is data encryption. It is manageable for small agencies, too.

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