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SMS marketing for small business

Date posted: 21.05.2015 | Author: Harry Bovensmann

According to Text Marketer’s top ten mobile marketing stats 2015, 76% of people report that they will check their SMS/Text before an email; 70% of users feel brands can get their attention faster via SMS/Text and 64% of customers feel that brands must connect with them through SMS/Text. The majority of mobile users rarely leave home without their devices, meaning businesses are able to connect with their audience, wherever they may be.

Targetting is key

It is crucial that businesses ensure that they are speaking to the right target audience through the correct applications and platforms using accurate databases. This guarantees a well-received message and positive response. Once the target audience is profiled, customised messages should be crafted taking such elements as language, style, interests, age and environment into consideration. This will result in relevant and familiar messages that resonate with the recipient.

Make it interactive

With the competitive growth of smartphone usage, SMS, combined with voice and email, give businesses the perfect opportunity to engage with their audience using multiple touch points. This can also be supported by offering the recipient the option to respond at no charge. A message accompanied by a picture, link or video heightens interest and engagement.

Perfect your timing

It is very important for any business to know when and how many messages to send to their customers. Mmobile campaigns shouldn’t be an after-thought to a marketing campaign – they should be an integral part that are proactively created and scheduled. This gives the business control over the campaign and gives the customer a more or less idea of when to receive messages from the brand, which builds anticipation. With a limited budget it’s important that small businesses avoid sending out messages unnecessarily or at the wrong time which may encourage opt outs.

Campaign calendars are a great tool to use in this regard as all messages and mobile target lists can be scheduled.

Remember Opt In and Out options

Whether the business thinks that their message is unique and appropriate, SMS marketing relies on recipients to opt in.  That means the target audience must first sign up to receive messages about deals and promotions before receiving them.

When a recipient opts in, it is certain that they are interested in the brand, the product offering or service. On the other hand, opt in also gives the business a clear view of who is interested or not interested. This saves time for the recipient and saves money for the business. Messages must have a clear and visible opt out and when a recipient opts out, they should not be bothered again.

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