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Tips for government tenders

Date posted: 30.04.2015 | Author: Harry Bovensmann

Government tenders are a big business and done correctly, can stimulate the SA economy and sustain and grow local businesses.  With over 660 departments issuing requests throughout the year, the tender process can be busy, complicated and open to abuse. It is also a sector that is most often misunderstood, with many cries of foul play.

Helping to shed light on the process and encourage more entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises to enter the tender market, find following some tips:

  1. Supplier databases – if you are not registered here, you may not be able to tender
  2. Make sure you know what is out there – first
  3. Note the closing date and time for the tender and respond early
  4. Read the terms and conditions of the tender carefully, pay attention to what is required of you to tender
  5. Read the document from beginning to end, then, complete the tender documents carefully and attach all supporting documents, BEE Certificate and Valid Tax clearance
  6. Submit before closing date
  7. Price Competitively – Prove you can do it
  8. Confirm that your tender documents have been received
  9. Keep a copy of your submitted tender document with all its attachments
  10. Stay informed of when the adjudication committee is going to sit to consider your tender

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