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Using social media for sales

Date posted: 21.02.2014 | Author: Harry Bovensmann

The rise of social media brings a new dynamic to the sales environment of any organisation. It is all about connecting with people and building relationships.

Using popular social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook makes businesses more accessible, more personable and enables them to maintain long term connections. Social corporate responsibility management is the process for monitoring, engaging in and managing conversations and relationships with existing or prospective customers and influencers across social media channels.

By integrating social media with your social corporate responsibility management software, you will be able to foster communities and engage in conversations that will build meaningful relationships. Existing customers keep coming back and new customers keep coming in.

Social Media Outposts

Social Media Outposts (Photo credit: the tartanpodcast)

Top social media tips for sales people are :

  • Establish a presence on Twitter: Doing keyword searches on Twitter helps you to find people talking about the issues your business is interested in and this could lead to a potential sale.
  • Unlock sales opportunities within LinkedIn: By engaging with LinkedIn members, companies can achieve a wide range of sales and marketing objectives.
  • Gain customer insights from Facebook: It allows for instant information about customers and possible sales opportunities.
  • Establish a Yammer group for sales teams: This internal social network allows for structured business conversations among sales teams concerning opportunities and leads.

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