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Watch out for cyber-crime!

Date posted: 26.09.2013 | Author: Denis Stupan

Never be too sure about that your business is not a spotted target of cyber-crime. It does not make a change because your business is new or small. Typical attackers do not target individuals or businesses – they target vulnerabilities. They scan the internet continuously, and when they come across a vulnerable computer – which can happen within a few minutes of an unprotected computer being connected – the attack is launched automatically. Watch out for cyber-crime all the time!

But here is good news as well.  Security measure against cyber-crime are not as expensive and complex they used to be. Nowadays, there are all-in-one solutions providing reliable mail server protection and unified threat management services. This makes it simple and affordable for any business to take efficient and affordable steps against cyber-crime.

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Computer security (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which level of security is needed?

To answer this, please have a look on the following tips:

  • consider intrusion protection and web content filtering, and secure web proxy with anti-virus, malware and phishing protection;
  • protect user accounts with strong passwords – and change them regularly;
  • ensure your anti-virus, malware, phishing and anti-spy software is updated regularly;
  • keep your operating system and applications current and patched;
  • remove unused user accounts and software; and
  • limit access to sensitive information.

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