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Will the business card survive?

Date posted: 14.11.2014 | Author: Harry Bovensmann

Will the business card survive or has it become obsolete? The emergence of electronic communication like email and contact social media like LinkedIn and Facebook have had a marked impact on how people obtain one another’s contact details for business purposes. However, when attending networking events like conferences, the business card is still a ubiquitous presence.

As in the past, the cards are as much about a person’s status as a representative of their company as they are a vessel for relaying basic information. It is indicative of the “personal touch” that is needed in high-end corporate networking.

Business cards still vital

For this reason, corporate trainers maintain the quality of a person’s business card is of vital importance. Although a lot of business does occur online nowadays, the traditional 90x50mm business card has definitely not lost its purpose in the business world. When conducting meetings, business proposals or interviews with potential clients, it is important that all your necessary contact details and business name is conveyed to the client. This easiest way without having to write it all down is by the use of a business card.

English: A Japanese business card (meishi). Th...

A Japanese business card containing name, address, logo, etc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tips for a business card

To this end, there are a number of tips a business person should heed in respect of their business cards.

The first, is to know your audience. If you are dealing with a high-end corporate executive, the card should have classic traits like raised lettering and traditional colours like blue or black. However, if you are dealing with younger clientele then it is advisable to use louder, funkier colours.

Another consideration is to maintain brand consistency, that is, your business card should not be greatly different to the styling and branding of your website or company signage. Should you do this, the potential client will become confused and may not take your business seriously.

Finally, it is important that you understand how to use your business card. You should carry your cards with you at all times, and always give a potential contact your client more than one card so as that they may pass on the “extra” to their own contacts, who may very well require your services in the future.

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